When does waste stop being waste?

Published January 2022 by Poul Steen Rasmussen, Group CEO
Yesterday’s paper, an empty plastic container, a torn jumper and a worn-out tyre – completely different things which have one thing in common: they are all categorised as waste. At the same time, however, they are important, recyclable resources, which our planet cannot afford missing out on in the battle towards climate change mitigation and a sustainable future. When it comes to recycling, we cannot sit back and save the aces; sooner or later, the game is over.

Currently, it is not clearly defined when waste becomes a raw material from recycling.

In other words: When will processed rubber from worn-out tyres, separated from textile and steel in an advanced industrial process, achieve end-of-waste status (EoW)?  When is it no longer waste?

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Fruitful collaboration is a two-way street

What is a good, solid and fruitful collaboration between two companies?

Read this case story to learn what the business relationship with Genan means to our British customer Footfall.

Fruitful collaboration is a two-way street

PKA divests 51% of shares in Genan Holding A/S to Maj Invest Equity

New majority shareholder of environmental company Genan, the largest tyre recycling company in the world, is Maj Invest Equity 5 K/S. Sole owner of Genan since 2014, PKA has made an agreement with Maj Invest Equity for the latter to take over 51% of shares. PKA continues to co-own as minority shareholder.

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A level playing field is a must

Published September 2021 by Poul Steen Rasmussen, CEO
It cannot come as a surprise to anyone that we must continuously get better at reusing the resources we already have – now as well as in the future. Over time, it has become common knowledge that the consumption of the 21st-century population is putting an immense pressure on our planet, our climate and our environment – and in the long run, this cannot last. We must make the most eco-friendly choices, we must recycle more, we must secure the future for the generations to come.

But if there are no precise rules to play by, navigating in the green universe can prove difficult for many companies; and the fear of losing large investments on this account can be terrifying for even the biggest players the in the market.

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Genan will be exhibiting at stand no. C13/B12 in Hall 10.1 during the FSB in Cologne from 26 to 29 October 2021.

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Old tyres in makeover for new purposes

Does it add value that your products primarily consist of recycled materials?

Read this article to learn how much sustainability matters to our innovative customer Scan Underlay.

Old tyres in makeover  for new purposes

Meet us at The Big5 2021

Genan will be exhibiting at stand no. Ar E208 in the Sheikh Saeed Arena during The Big5 in Dubai, from 12 to 15 September 2021.
Please stop by our stand and check out our new, colourful GENAN COATED TOP LAYER – and the revolutionary GENAN SAFE rubber pellets providing excellent HIC values for playground base layers!

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Annual Report 2020: Genan consolidates in a year impacted by Coronavirus

International environmental company Genan was in 2020 less impacted by the Corona crisis than expected. Turnover dropped marginally by 6% to EUR 49m, while EBITDA decreased by 2% to just under EUR 12m. Nevertheless, thanks to significantly increasing market focus on sustainability, the Genan group is generally performing well – and now adding a resource in sales and marketing.


Thomas Ballegaard new Group CCO at Genan

We are pleased to introduce Thomas Ballegaard as new Group CCO at Genan.

Thomas will join the Genan team on Monday 1 March 2021, taking on the overall responsibility for European Sales as well as for global marketing and product management.

Having worked as CCO for STARCO for 4 years from 2015 to 2019, Thomas has direct experience in the tyre business – as well as with the responsibilities that come with the title as Chief Commercial Officer.

We thus look very much forward to welcoming Thomas as part of the Genan team – and to benefitting from his expertise and enthusiasm.


Vulkan, an innovative, German start-up, has entered the German market with a brand new product: a sandal with a sole made of 100% GENAN recycled rubber granulate from end-of-life tyres – and a thin top sole made from recycled polyester as footbed. – A visionary sustainability initiative and an innovative application where the excellent properties of ELT rubber are put to good use.

“In the Corona period I built a sandal out of a tyre granulate mat myself. I was impressed by the properties of the tyres. The material is flexible, durable and recycled. First I built the sandals for friends and family. Since then, I started selling the sandals and now I’m sold out every month,” Founder of Vulkan David Bredt explains and continues:

“In addition to new models of sandals, I have just launched a shirt made from recycled plastics. And all for affordable prices so that products that are good for our planet can also be used.”

Visit the Vulkan websiteHERE

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