Below you will find a link to the Genan whistleblower scheme. You can use this scheme if you want to point out any illegal or criticisable matters that concern Genan. The scheme is meant for Genan suppliers, business associates or others working for Genan – as well as those employed within the Genan organisation.

You can report:
• Financial crime, such as embezzlement, bribery, fraud and forgery
• Submission of incorrect or misleading information to public authorities
• Workplace safety violations
• Environmental pollution
• Physical violence and sexual harassment
• Corruption
• Nepotism
• Incidents where employees gravely misuse system access to obtain information on their colleagues or others – without any work-related need
• Irregularities in relation to bookkeeping and auditing

The above list provides examples only.
Reports must be based on either first-hand knowledge or justifiable suspicion.
If in doubt whether an observation you have made should be reported or not, we urge you to do so.
We will respond to and deal with all reports, as we appreciate every single one of them.

Whistleblowers may choose to be anonymous.

For more information about how the whistleblower scheme works, we make reference to the Genan Whistleblower Policy.

Click here to go to the page with the Genan whistleblower scheme.