Choosing Genan products is adding value. Add Genan to your products – and you will add a high-quality ingredient and a sustainable footprint for a greener world.


Need rubber powder and granulate of a specific size or type? Genan has a wide variety.

Sustainability is important

Sustainability is central in all aspects of our plant technology and product applications.


Annual Report 2022:
Record-high turnover – but high energy prices limit earnings



Tyres keep the world moving. As tyres turn, goods are delivered, people are transported, and plans are executed. But what happens when they are worn out and stop turning?

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At Genan, we believe that building a sustainable future starts from within.

Everyone in the Genan Family takes part in “keeping tyres turning”, as we say. And we believe that our employees are more than just individuals who work for us. They are catalysts for change. They are driving innovation, and they are constantly pushing boundaries – all efforts to create a greener tomorrow.

Making a positive impact on the environment every day, their dedication and passion make them the backbone of our company.

From the office to the field, we are more than workers – we are true green pioneers.

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There is no other company like Genan. While aiming for sustainability and a greener planet, Genan is an innovative, high-end recycler of end-of-life tyres. Genan’s recycling technology was originally developed in 1990 and has undergone continuous development ever since. Genan employees are very proud to be part of the world’s largest recycling company processing end-of-life tyres from various vehicles.

What does Genan do?

Genan is a recycler of end-of-life tyres. Used tyres are cleaned, shredded and granulated, and the original components are separated for an output of approx. 75% rubber, 15% steel and 10% textile fibres. Rubber granulate, powder and pellets from Genan are uniform, upcycled quality products with fantastic product properties.

Where are Genan's factories located?

Apart from the Genan plant in Viborg, where group headquarters are located, Genan has three German factories in Oranienburg, Dorsten and Kammlach respectively, a factory in Ovar, Portugal, and one in Houston, Texas, USA.

How many tonnes of tyres can Genan recycle each year?

The combined processing capacity of Genan’s 6 factories totals more than 400,000 tonnes of tyres a year. The Texan plant is the largest factory of its kind in the world – with the capacity to recycle 100,000 tonnes of tyres annually.


The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.
As a participating company of the UN Global Compact, Genan is committed to continuously strengthening its work with the Ten Principles of the Global Compact within human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption – as well as to contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Read our 2022 CEO Statement of Support for the UN Global Compact

Why participate in the UN Global Compact?

Sustainability is Genan’s core value, and we are committed to striving for a sustainable future in every choice we make.
As the largest tyre recycler in the world, our vision is that all worn-down tyres should be recycled in the environmentally and economically most beneficial way.
Joining the UN Global Compact is a natural step in our quest to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

How does Genan implement the Ten Principles?

Genan is a responsible environmental company, and corporate social responsibility and integrity are  fundamentally implemented in our business ethics. The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact are a central part of our CSR policy, and we comply with these principles in the operation of all group enterprises.

Which of the Sustainable Development Goals does Genan primarily focus on ?

Genan’s core business concept is mainly focused on the endeavours to reach goal no. 12 (to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns) and goal no. 13 (to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts).

Add Genan – add value

If you want to offer a high-quality solution, focusing on the environment – add Genan products. Choosing Genan is your guarantee of delivering a high-quality solution to your customers.


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tonnes of end-of-life tyres can be recycled by Genan every year


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tonnes of CO2 can be saved every year through Genan tyre recycling



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