The ultimately most sustainable solution

The cradle-to-cradle approach is the ideal solution to avoid waste from the use of a particular product. 

All recycled rubber produced at the Genan plants originates from tyres; and the aim should thus always be to produce rubber of such quality that it can be used to substitute virgin rubber in new tyre compounds on a 1:1 basis.

Yet, during the vulcanisation process, in connection with the manufacturing of new tyres, the rubber irreversibly loses some of its properties; and recycled tyre rubber will thus most likely never be able to exhibit the identical properties of virgin rubber.

Genan rubber for tyre production

Genan fine cryogenic rubber powders are today being used in the tyre manufacturing industry, substituting a fraction of the virgin rubber compound material. Genan works in close cooperation with the tyre industry to make this ultimate cradle-to-cradle recycling a reality. Consequently, the circular economy loop in rubber and tyre production is now gradually closing, thanks to the development of the clean and environment-friendly Genan tyre recycling technology.