Throughout the world, both local and national authorities know that it is good business to use modified asphalt in new road projects. It is cost-efficient both medium- and long-term, because roads are less exposed to rutting and cracking. This reduces maintenance, which is not only a financial problem, but also a traffic-related problem, as roads must be partly closed during maintenance work.

The most common way to modify bitumen in modern road construction is to use the synthetic rubber SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene). SBS is made from scarce virgin resources and is thus not only costly from an economical point of view – but also environmentally. Rubber powder recovered from tyre rubber (GENAN FINE POWDER 0.2 – 0.8 mm) can be used as a bitumen modifier. This method has been used less and less over the years and has been replaced by GENAN ROAD+ PREMIXED, where rubber powder is premixed with Vestenamer® and then mixed with stone and bitumen (Dry Method). GENAN ROAD+ PREMIXED provides the asphalt with all the same properties as SBS and is therefore a more sustainable alternative.