Tyres keep the world moving. As tyres turn, goods are delivered, people are transported, and plans are executed. But what happens when they are worn out and stop turning? Worldwide, more than 7 million tyres are scrapped every day. In many parts of the world, they become a waste problem, as they are left to degrade in landfill sites – or are incinerated, emitting large amounts of CO2.


At Genan, we have turned this waste problem into a green opportunity. We recycle end-of-life tyres (ELT) for reuse in a variety of ways. Every day, we can recycle up to 150,000 tyres and reduce CO2 emission to the atmosphere by 280,000 tonnes a year – that’s the equivalent of what 100,000 diesel cars emit in one year. In short, the planet has a problem, and we have a solution. We keep tyres turning in an ongoing circle of life – which makes a substantial difference for the well-being of Earth. We call that striving for a sustainable future.

Sustainability in production and in relations
Sustainability is at the core of what we do – but it is also at the core of how we do it. We constantly strive to minimise energy consumption in our recycling operations and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And we believe in building sustainable relationships with our customers and business partners as well. We do that by committing to fundamental principles of transparency, the highest quality standards and an innovative drive.

Is a used tyre the solution to your challenge?
Tyres recycled by Genan are used for many different applications: Tyre wire is remelted into new steel. Rubber powder and granulate is used as raw material by manufacturers that produce things like mats, floors, tiles, noise reduction solutions, handles, paint, coatings and binding agents. Rubber granulate is used as infill in football fields with artificial turf, and both granulate and pellets become the bouncy base layers of playgrounds and running tracks. And you can even go full circle and make new tyres from old ones. The only limit is your imagination.

In our many development partnerships with our customers, we combine their needs for recycled rubber with our product knowledge. Together, we find a green solution to whichever challenge you may be facing – and we keep the wheels turning for a greener tomorrow.



Worldwide, more than 7 million tyres are scrapped each day.
At Genan, we have turned this waste problem
into a green opportunity.
Listen to our Group CEO explaining
how visionary tyre recycling really is.

The Genan Story

Aiming for sustainability and a greener planet is key to Genan. At the end of the 1970s, the automotive industry was booming, leading to a major waste problem with end-life-tyres (ELTs). As tyres only slowly degraded in landfills, the idea of establishing a plant for the recycling of ELTs was born.

During the 1980s, the idea was further developed; and in 1990, the first Genan recycling plant for end-of-life tyres became a reality in Viborg, Denmark. Today, the various needs of Genan’s customers fuel a continuous development of innovative ways of utilising end-of-life tyres in new applications.


As a production worker at Genan, I am happy to be working at a place where we have the opportunity to influence our daily work life, and where I have some good, skilful and motivated colleagues, pulling together with me. It is nice to be in an organisation so small that the route from production worker to top management is so short that we all have the opportunity to be heard – e.g. in connection with the ongoing improvement of production facilities and working environment. Our management is responsive to the suggestions we bring forward in both our works committee and our working environment committee, and the decision-making processes are relatively short.

quotationmark_orange_career_150x150px Martin, production worker at Genan