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Jens Kampmann new chairman of Genan

Founder and chairman of the board Bent A. Nielsen is resigning as chairman, but continues as board member. This reorganization is at the same time part of a generational handover as Bent Nielsen secedes from day to day management. In his place, Morten Amtrup takes office as group managing director, and the generational succession is furthermore implemented by Kent Nielsen taking office as strategic director of Genan Gruppen GmbH, being directly responsible to the advisory board of the company, and through Lene Nielsen’s continuance as member of the board of directors of Genan Business & Development.

World's largest tyre recycling facility opened in Houston, Texas, USA

On 5 May 2014, Genan celebrated the Grand Opening of its new, state-of-the-art tyre recycling facility in Houston, Texas. The new factory is the largest of its kind in the world and has brought modernized, climate friendly recycling technology to the United States. The Houston facility will employ approximately 60 workers and was constructed over the last two years with an investment of $140 million. The new plant has the capacity to recycle 100,000 tonnes of used tyres a year, about a third of all the used tyres in Texas.

Genan sets up in France

The world’s largest tyre recycling facility, Genan, is currently setting up in the French market, having decided to build a large tyre recycling plant north of Toulouse, with an annual processing capacity of 70,000 tonnes. The plant represents a EUR 56 million investment, entailing the creation of 35-40 new jobs. As early as 1 April 2014, a staff of 8 will be employed.

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