Newly launched are the revolutionary GENAN SAFE rubber pellets for playground base layers. High performance, low bulk density and excellent HIC values! – A ground-breaking innovation!


The Danish national tyre collection scheme is probably the most climate and environment-friendly tyre collection scheme in the world. Introduced back in 1995, the Danish tyre collection scheme was the very first such scheme in the world. At that time, focus was environmental remediation and clean-up of landfills with scrap

Annual Report 2016: Genan now truly free to look ahead…

Genan Holding A/S has today presented its annual report for 2016, and progress is notable in terms of both turnover and earnings. With this new, solid financial foundation, the Genan group is now truly free to look ahead after several years of turnaround. Environmental company Genan, the largest tyre recycler

Independent Studies Clear Rubber Infill

Over the past decade, concerns that rubber infill made from end-of-life tyres (ELTs) should pose a potential health risk have now and then been raised in the media. Contentions have been that people who are exposed to rubber infill used in artificial turf face an increased risk of developing cancer,